Brew Games & Applications

Fairys Fantastic War Fairy's Fantastic War The Fairy Country is in the midst of a civil war. The fairy princess summons you to help fight the war. This is a strategy war game, in which you will need your officers and men to fight and occupy enemy strongholds. You will need to constantly change your tactics to survive, and as you pass each level, you will receive upgrade points to strengthen the fighting capacity of your army. Good luck!
Master of Fighters Master of Fighters After the evil seal is broken, the world is filled with tragedy. The world needs a hero - you! Use your fists and weapons to save the world. This is a simple and quick action fighting game. You will need your wit and skill, along with weapons you will find in the game, to defeat the enemy and return the world to its normal state.
Limit Jump Limit Jump Evil Dr. Q wants to control the whole city. You must stop Dr. Q, by reaching his laboratory at the top of the building and put an end to his madness. To reach him, you will jump the sides of the building, being careful to avoid the mutated animals and clowns that are trying to prevent you from reaching Dr. Q. Keep jumping, keep climbing, and reach the top before Dr. Q executes his master plan... or else.
3D Speed and Rolling 3D Speed and Rolling Control the beetle as he races down the runway, in this lively and funny leisure racing game. The vertical racing game is easy to operate; players only need to move left and right to avoid obstacles and accelerate. There will be many insects and other objects along the path that must be avoided or you will decelerate. Find and eat the mad props and watch what interesting things you can do to the insects. It's fun, it's entertaining and easy to play.
Zombie Termination Zombie Termination After the nuclear winter, water and air are polluted and monster and zombies wander about. What's most important right now is survival. You find an underground bunker and your adventure begins. You will need to explode obstacles, eliminate enemies and find the exits as you work your way into the deepest part of the basement to survive the nuclear winter.
Earth Core Explorer Earth Core Explorer The world's largest mine has been excavated. Endless wealth and secrets are waiting for the world, attracting a variety of explorers: Dr. Who: who is in desperate need of archaeological funds; Ms. Money: who honors money above all else in life; and people who are passing by. Whether they will gain the wealth or honor or nothing at all - it's up to you! Go to control the pendulous claws and grab the treasures of the mine.
Tower Defense of the Kindgoms Tower Defense of the Kingdoms During the period of Three Kingdoms, Zhu Ge-liang misused Ma Su and lost Jieting Fort, an important strategic position. Zhu Ge-liang then used magic to summon men of various figures to fight against the army of Wei kingdom. Construct branches of military forces to attack the enemy cities. Those who successfully seize the enemy city wins the game; otherwise all is lost.
My Dino My Dino If you can afford the expense, you can have a prehistoric dinosaur as your very own pet. Choose a dinosaur egg, hatch it and raise it through all kinds of adventures. Feed the baby dinosaur, give it a bath, play with it, give it treatment and fight with it. Occasionally,the baby dinosaur will experience an abnormal condition and can die if not treated in time.
Icebound Blade Icebound Blade The frozen, magical sword of a thousand years lies in a deep sleep. By taking the sword, a man can acquire endless mana. Prince Arthas comes to the foot of a frozen mountain where he begins his climb, to pull the legendary cursed magic sword from its lair. The prince needs to collect the energy gems in every layer, and needs to transfer the spell into the flame ball to open the fetter gate.
Zombie Battle Zombie Battle Zombies are everywhere, just like a plague. Is doomsday approaching? Or is it a conspiracy? Agent 008 takes you to resolve the crisis and to reveal the truth. Move left and right or up and down to dodge enemies. The weapon's aim is automatically locked on the nearest targets. Don't forget to enter weapon stores or prop stores for essential equipment.
Bio Siege Bio Siege An entertaining 2D shooting game that takes a traditional Chinese zombie as a subject and combines a biohazard background. Different stages, various props and equipment makes this a distinctive gaming experience.
Immortal Sword Immortal Sword The master of Immortal Sword Fraction Xiaoyao Lee, practiced the immortal sword in the closed room. During practice he was seriously injured by a sneak attach from the Evil Lord. With the help and effort of the four swordsmen, Xiaoyao now needs the lucid ganoderma for the continuation of his life. Help the four swordsmen overcome all obstacles to save his life and defeat the Evil Lord.