Java Games & Applications

Death Scrolls Death Scrolls A mysterious mail is sent to our adventurer, with the only words in the title, "To the great adventurer, Tina". Inside the envelope, there is an ancient piece of parchment map which bears the symbol of the legendary Anubis Pyramid. Eager to find hidden treasures, Tina starts her way deep inside the pyramid.
War of Gods War of Gods War of Gods is based on the world of ancient Greek mythology and the long war between Athens and Sparta. Players will experience fighting, adventure and friendship, while learning about the history of ancient Greece in this online, role-playing game.
X Skateboard X Skateboard On Valentine's Day, Toto sets foot on his skateboard as he seeks to find his girlfriend to give her a red heart. But a small, fat pig prevents Toto, along with many other barriers that are trying to stop him from reaching his girlfriend. Can you help Toto?
SFL Soccer Manager SFL Soccer Manager You are the manager of a soccer club in the Super Football League. Use your limited funds to train your players and lead your team to the championship.
Legend of Odysseus Legend of Odysseus Our story begins with Odysseusí arrival at the gates of hell. Itís a story of Odysseusí legendary experience, including several battles with Siren, Scylla and Charybdis. Help him to conquer these battles and return safely to his motherland
Slaying the Heavens Slaying the Heavens The valley of Kimura has been attacked by a group of demons. You start an investigation and expose a conspiracy. The demons from the hell want to destroy the heavens. This is where your adventure begins.